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Landing Page Launched! September 24, 2008

Posted by novelistkat in Progress.
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Things are starting to come together here at GiveCheerfully, and let me tell you, we are excited!

First off, our landing page at GiveCheerfully.com has launched! Be expecting some design changes on the blog so that it reflects that page.

We’ve also added some new things under our resources category to your right. We have an informative PDF going into more depth on our mission, vision and plans for this venture. We’ve added an offline donation form as well if you’d rather send your donation as a mailed check, and finally we are proud to add our Charity submission form. Expect to see a few more charities added to our Charity page as we have already start to recieve filled out forms! Please take time to look through the charities we’ve linked to, our goal at GiveCheerfully is to help those organizations fulfill their needs.

And finally, what might the MOST exciting this is that the awesome guys, Ron, Michael & John (see their blog), at KBZZ radio are giving us our own one hour radio show! That’s right, you can listen to us live at www.kbzzradio.net on Fridays at 3 pm CST! We plan to use this hour to interview charities and charity resources to give our partners one more opportunity to get the word out about their mission. KBZZ has a live chat available on their site and we’re excited to hear your comments and questions as we proceed with this new outreach. We will post our guest list on this blog so you can know in advance who we will be speaking with. John also promises to do some live recordings so we get in on some YouTube goodness. We’ll keep everyone updated!

This coming Friday, Sept. 26th, we will be doing our first show. We don’t have a guest, instead we want to do a Q&A type session. If you have any question for GiveCheerfully, feel free to leave a message on this blog and we will be sure to answer your question on the air, live. Or if you’d rather you can email me directly.

We are very thankful for the opportunities that keep appearing for us, even in a “downward” economy, people still want to reach out and help one another. Thank you for all your support. Those of you who have shared about us online, mentioned us to your friends, or sent charities to contact us, thank you. The only thing we’d ask is that you consider giving to our cause. We want to keep GiveCheerfully a service that is free to charities and without outside advertisement. Every dollar helps us reach our goal so please consider helping us help more people around the world and revolutionize the way people give.



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