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GiveCheerfully Silent Auction (Poll) October 21, 2008

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Save the date, Nov. 22nd GiveCheerfully will be hosting a wine-tasting and silent auction in Dallas at Encore Piano.

We’re still in the planning phase. You can help us out by answering the poll below. Remember, all this money will go to supporting GiveCheerfully so we can create a social media website that will help all 501(c)3 organizations gain exposure online. We appreciate your input!

This event will have wine samples, a silent auction, raffle prizes, light hors d’oeuvres, a performance by concert pianist and also tables where you can sample products from vendors who support charity.


Blog Action Day October 15, 2008

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Today, on the 15th, thousands of blogs will be helping spread awareness about the horrors of poverty.At GiveCheerfully we want to focus more on how charities and other causes help stop this vicious cycle. Today we will be spotlighting Central Dallas Ministries.

Central Dallas Ministries is one of the largest charities who deal with poverty.

Founded in the spring of 1988 by a group of Christian business men, Central Dallas Ministrie began as a small storefront food pantry for the poor. The organization’s founders quickly revealed that hunger was a symptom of deeper issues associated with poverty, and began thinking about how they could attack the problems of poverty in a more comprehensive and systemic way. — CDM website

Central Dallas Ministries focuses on four areas of poverty: health, hunger, housing and hope. Development Manager Lisa Goolsby told me there has been a 34% increase of people needing food in the last year. As the economy becomes unstable, businesses suffer and cut back pay and jobs. Most of the families that CDM helps have at least one person working, but still can’t make ends meet.

90% of CDM’s revenues go directly to their programs which include community health services, children’s education, affordable housing, and food pantries. They have more information on their website at www.centraldallasministries.org where you can donate and learn about their efforts.

Central Dallas Ministries offers so many programs to help those in the Dallas area who are struggling. Here at GiveCheerfully, we would like to give back in support of Blog Action Day. So any donations given in the next 24 hours (from 6pm central time Wed. to 6pm central Thurs.) we will give straight to CDM.

Please Donate to help stop poverty.

So support


Things for Your Calendar October 13, 2008

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Feel called to help others but don’t know where to go? Here are some events to add to your week:

October 13th: If you are in the Denton, TX area and have the munchies go check out Jason’s Deli off the highway. 10% of all their proceeds for the day are going to United Way.

October 15th: Blog Action Day!! GiveCheerfully is excited about participating in this event. We will be writing a post on poverty and any donations received that day will go to stopping poverty in the Dallas area. The specific charity we will be working with is Central Dallas Ministries. Even if you don’t donate, be sure to support Blog Action Day any way you can. We will be posting links to other awesome articles on this day as well.

October 17th: This is an awesome event to participate in if you’re from the Dallas area. Big D Cats have catamarans that sail across Lake Lewisville. From 7:30 to 11:30 they will be doing a cruise for Crossroad Family Services, specifically for children who witness violence. Its $35 to go, find out more here.

Do you know of a worthwhile event going on? Let us know and we’ll put it on the GiveCheerfully calendar!

The Golden Rule September 3, 2008

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