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What touches your heart? August 12, 2008

Posted by novelistkat in Philosophies.
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Everyone has something that touches them. Deep down, whenever they hear it mentioned, they feel a little tingling and they want to take action. For some people it is children in Africa, for others it is homeless animals, and for still others it is protecting the world around us.

The most awesome part of this project has been the privilege to hear what moves people. Even in the few short days we’ve gone public, I have gotten to meet people who feel very strongly about the charity or nonprofit they support. These people’s passion know no bounds. They give of their time, their money and their self to support what they believe in. It humbles me.

The more I talk to these people, the more I am sure we are doing the right thing and that there is a need for our service. With so much positive response from people working for their cause, I am even more motivated. I envision GiveCheerfully not only connecting people to charities but connecting charities with much needed resources so they can continue the awesome work that they do so willingly.

What moves you? Is it people in need? Spreading hope? How does it make you feel when you are able to share part of your passion with someone else? And of course if you have a cause that really touches you, please leave us your contact information so we can bring you onboard: info@givecheerfully.com

Remember, whenever you give; Give Cheerfully.


Answering a Concern August 9, 2008

Posted by emcdaniel in Philosophies.
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There has been a concern raised over charities who would sign on with us but only if we either only allowed Christian charities or didn’t allow religious charities. I would like to address this concern.

Unlike other fund raising and distributing charities like the United Way, we will have no say in where you send your money. You are not giving it to us and we are not giving it to the charity. You are giving directly. We are serving as a means to connect donors and volunteers to worthy charities and projects and we take none of your money.

This means that if you use our services to donate to your local church then all of that money will go to that church. By the same token if you chose to give to a non-religious charity we will take none of that money either. Every penny goes to the organization or project you want it to go to.

We are also going to include customizable filters on your profile. If you only want to see Florida based Methodist charities engaged in mission work in Africa then you can set it that way. If you only want to see secular charities based in Texas who do environmental work then you can have it that way to.

You will have total control over your money or other donations.

We will not discriminate against any charity provided it follows some simple rules:

1) The charity cannot promote violence to advance its mission.

2) The charity cannot be under investigation for funding terrorism.

3) Nothing advancing a specifically political agenda.