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A Cheerful Charity Event November 4, 2008

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We are very proud to bring you the first GiveCheerfully Fundraising event. Please go to www.Givecheerfully.com to register for this event, just click on the Cheerful Charity Event link. Here are all the details:

The event is Nov. 22nd from 6pm-10pm.

If you order your ticket before Nov. 8th on the website the cost is $30.

After Nov. 8th the cost is $35.

If you do not order on the website and pay at the door instead, the cost is $40.

This event will have wine-tasting and feature Steinway Artist Lonnie Shipman playing on one of Encore Piano’s beautiful instruments. There will also be a silent auction to raise funds for the GiveCheerfully website. This event is part of Encore Piano’s Opening Season Series.

Encore Piano is located at the Shops at Willow Bend, Plano TX. 6121 W. Park Blvd Suite B216

We hope you will come out and join us at this Cheerful event and lend your support to our cause. This is the first step toward creating a social media presence that will help charities and nonprofits around the world connect in a powerful and meaningful way to donors.


GiveCheerfully Silent Auction (Poll) October 21, 2008

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Save the date, Nov. 22nd GiveCheerfully will be hosting a wine-tasting and silent auction in Dallas at Encore Piano.

We’re still in the planning phase. You can help us out by answering the poll below. Remember, all this money will go to supporting GiveCheerfully so we can create a social media website that will help all 501(c)3 organizations gain exposure online. We appreciate your input!

This event will have wine samples, a silent auction, raffle prizes, light hors d’oeuvres, a performance by concert pianist and also tables where you can sample products from vendors who support charity.

Things for Your Calendar October 13, 2008

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Feel called to help others but don’t know where to go? Here are some events to add to your week:

October 13th: If you are in the Denton, TX area and have the munchies go check out Jason’s Deli off the highway. 10% of all their proceeds for the day are going to United Way.

October 15th: Blog Action Day!! GiveCheerfully is excited about participating in this event. We will be writing a post on poverty and any donations received that day will go to stopping poverty in the Dallas area. The specific charity we will be working with is Central Dallas Ministries. Even if you don’t donate, be sure to support Blog Action Day any way you can. We will be posting links to other awesome articles on this day as well.

October 17th: This is an awesome event to participate in if you’re from the Dallas area. Big D Cats have catamarans that sail across Lake Lewisville. From 7:30 to 11:30 they will be doing a cruise for Crossroad Family Services, specifically for children who witness violence. Its $35 to go, find out more here.

Do you know of a worthwhile event going on? Let us know and we’ll put it on the GiveCheerfully calendar!

Landing Page Launched! September 24, 2008

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Things are starting to come together here at GiveCheerfully, and let me tell you, we are excited!

First off, our landing page at GiveCheerfully.com has launched! Be expecting some design changes on the blog so that it reflects that page.

We’ve also added some new things under our resources category to your right. We have an informative PDF going into more depth on our mission, vision and plans for this venture. We’ve added an offline donation form as well if you’d rather send your donation as a mailed check, and finally we are proud to add our Charity submission form. Expect to see a few more charities added to our Charity page as we have already start to recieve filled out forms! Please take time to look through the charities we’ve linked to, our goal at GiveCheerfully is to help those organizations fulfill their needs.

And finally, what might the MOST exciting this is that the awesome guys, Ron, Michael & John (see their blog), at KBZZ radio are giving us our own one hour radio show! That’s right, you can listen to us live at www.kbzzradio.net on Fridays at 3 pm CST! We plan to use this hour to interview charities and charity resources to give our partners one more opportunity to get the word out about their mission. KBZZ has a live chat available on their site and we’re excited to hear your comments and questions as we proceed with this new outreach. We will post our guest list on this blog so you can know in advance who we will be speaking with. John also promises to do some live recordings so we get in on some YouTube goodness. We’ll keep everyone updated!

This coming Friday, Sept. 26th, we will be doing our first show. We don’t have a guest, instead we want to do a Q&A type session. If you have any question for GiveCheerfully, feel free to leave a message on this blog and we will be sure to answer your question on the air, live. Or if you’d rather you can email me directly.

We are very thankful for the opportunities that keep appearing for us, even in a “downward” economy, people still want to reach out and help one another. Thank you for all your support. Those of you who have shared about us online, mentioned us to your friends, or sent charities to contact us, thank you. The only thing we’d ask is that you consider giving to our cause. We want to keep GiveCheerfully a service that is free to charities and without outside advertisement. Every dollar helps us reach our goal so please consider helping us help more people around the world and revolutionize the way people give.

What touches your heart? August 12, 2008

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Everyone has something that touches them. Deep down, whenever they hear it mentioned, they feel a little tingling and they want to take action. For some people it is children in Africa, for others it is homeless animals, and for still others it is protecting the world around us.

The most awesome part of this project has been the privilege to hear what moves people. Even in the few short days we’ve gone public, I have gotten to meet people who feel very strongly about the charity or nonprofit they support. These people’s passion know no bounds. They give of their time, their money and their self to support what they believe in. It humbles me.

The more I talk to these people, the more I am sure we are doing the right thing and that there is a need for our service. With so much positive response from people working for their cause, I am even more motivated. I envision GiveCheerfully not only connecting people to charities but connecting charities with much needed resources so they can continue the awesome work that they do so willingly.

What moves you? Is it people in need? Spreading hope? How does it make you feel when you are able to share part of your passion with someone else? And of course if you have a cause that really touches you, please leave us your contact information so we can bring you onboard: info@givecheerfully.com

Remember, whenever you give; Give Cheerfully.

The first seed August 8, 2008

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For some time now I have been interested in social media and the potential it had to bring people together. My partner Edward and I have been wanting to find a way to harness that potential and create more good in the world.

We started with an small idea about connecting mission projects, but it has grown to a global vision. We are ready to share with you what we hope will become a revolution in the way people give. We want to create a social media service that will connect people and businesses with charities, churches, mission organizations and nonprofits all over the world. People will be able to give simply, to the cause that touches them most. Here are a few things we plan to offer on our site:

  • Profiles for charities where they list their needs, events and activity, also the ability to receive donations directly
  • Individuals and companies can choose to donate openly or anonymously to any cause and receive updates from the charities they are interested in
  • Volunteers for nonprofits can upload blogs, images and video about their efforts
  • Anyone can search for a place to donate by need, location or association then give based on these results

But the thing we are most excited about is how we plan to use these donations. We want 100% of every dollar to go to a charity or nonprofit who needs it. That’s right, we won’t take a dime. Not for website upkeep, business development or staff. Instead we ask that if you are moved by this project that you donate directly to our project via a special link. This way, pledges and direct contributions will pay our awesome team and business expenses instead of the money you donate to charity.

There are thousands of amazing charities out there who are doing awesome work everyday. We want to help you to be a part of their efforts. In the next week we plan to have a landing page for our project and place for you to donate to our start-up costs. Once we reach our initial fund-raising goals we will begin production on the actual web service. Stay tuned to this blog for the most up-to-date information on our progress.

This is not a hope or a dream, we have faith that the right people are going to help make this website happen. Our seed will blossom into a beautiful chance for anyone to make a difference.

Thank you already for all of your support and help us make GiveCheerfully.com a reality!

Support our Start-Up Profile on YouNoodle.

Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give,

not reluctantly or under compulsion,

for God loves a cheerful giver.

II Corinthians 9:7

If you are a nonprofit, an investor or just interested in more information please contact info@givecheerfully.com

Or click here for our informative pdf